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It's better this way


It's better to be a guy.
It's better tuck in your shirt,
and way better to like girls.

I am better as I am.
I can tell you about what I feel,
and not what I fake.

You are better as you are,
thinking a handsoome boy is better dating her.
There is nothing you should doubt.

Because a guy can't say "I love this" without being called a foggot,
and because as a boy, I don't say "I love the way she makes me feel",
but instead I say "she's pretty".

I saw a girl the other day admiring another girl.
I wonder if she was in love with her,
I wonder if she knew she was in love,
or if she just adimired her too much.

I will never know because that girl is not in touch with me.
I don't talk to her.
And because I know she'll just be like me.
I know she'll say "she's just pretty" and leave. 

So she'll ignore me when I tell her anyone could fall in love with her.
And not just fall in love with her, but with the way she dresses,
And her straight brown hair, or her smile and the way she raises her hand at class.
And so she'll tell me only I could fall in love with the girl, but not her.
That's just not best.

And so I'll tell her she's right;
that it's better this way,
and the way to be straight,
and the way I looked at her,
but not the way she lookes at her.

It's better to be called a faggot for expressing his love for a girl,
It's better that you fall in love with a french guy and not his girlfriend.
It's better for me to text her and tell her she's beautiful,
and that you stay her shoulder to cry on.

It's all great and better.
I am better like this,
and you are better without me,
and my ways to doubt your stares.

It's better this way.
So ignore me again,
and fall in love with me instead.


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