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Her Hair Was Blond


Everyone loved that face.
I remember seeing the handsome guys looking at her.
These were feelings to replace.
These feelings were wrong.That's what they were

She was singing on stage,
looking as flawless as always.
Not even tv could assume her age.

I had seem her on my room before.
She looked so perfect on my wall,
but in front of me seemed so much more,
more than just a picture that might fall.

I wasn't born this way.
Only her was okay with herself
You know, I've been like this since may.

Why would I like her?
And why would suddenly understand?
And what label would I prefer,
if there other things in my hand?

She was just too beautiful to ignore;
ignore my ridiculus pounding heart,
and the way my brain was able to adore.

Her lips and the way she moved her hips.
Or the way my eyes get stuck in her moves.
I don't know but everytime my mind slips.
Although I wish it could say it dissaproves.

She was just too perfect to ignore,
And so I realized I was just asleep.
And  even tough she wasn't nothing more,
I knew the feeling was again a secret to keep.


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