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It's better this way

It's better to be a guy. It's better tuck in your shirt, and way better to like girls.

I am better as I am. I can tell you about what I feel, and not what I fake.

You are better as you are, thinking a handsoome boy is better dating her. There is nothing you should doubt.

Because a guy can't say "I love this" without being called a foggot, and because as a boy, I...



The Wrong Person to Love

Have you ever felt that there is a person you should be with, but still the circumstances dictate just the opposite. Have you ever felt that words can't with overlap ethics that were imposed to your mind.

What if that person doesn't think the same? And what if they instead make fun of you?

But what if that person thinks the same about you? You can't risk a life without...


Her Hair Was Blond

Everyone loved that face. I remember seeing the handsome guys looking at her. These were feelings to replace. These feelings were wrong.That's what they were

She was singing on stage, looking as flawless as always. Not even tv could assume her age.

I had seem her on my room before. She looked so perfect on my wall, but in front of me seemed so much more, more than...